Get ready for a great development of AI in 2018

Since the victory of Alpha Go, the world has been amazed by the tremendous potential of AI technology. Finance, business, aviation, healthcare and many more sectors have implemented AI, machine learning and deep learning into their daily operations.

Bill Gates recently said that AI will be beneficial to our society. AI is no longer merely a bot to mine data or predict trends. Instead, it has become involved in many different human activities. Here are a few AI trends to look out for in 2018.

2018: The year of autonomous (AI) robotic workforce

There will be more AI programmed robots working in the assembly lines of factories. As the technology of AI and robotics become more mature, autonomous robots will be able to perform more complex tasks efficiently. It is predicted that by 2025, more than eighty percent of elderly care service will be performed by robots.

2018: AI will be present everywhere

In 2018, it is expected that AI will become more versatile. In the past few years, we can see that finance and medical sectors have developed AI heavily. It helped with investment in businesses and also daily operations of medical professionals. In 2018, AI will be impacting many other fields. For example, AI with deep learning ability has been developed to identify fish for  eco research. AI will also soon be made to analyze behaviours of horses using machine learning and deep learning algorithms.

2018: AI talents are scarce

There are around 300,000 talents in the field of AI in the entire world. As more corporations are trying to develop AI programs for their businesses, they will have to compete against each other to recruit these AI talents. Currently, some positions in the field of AI have 6 digits salary. It is expected that companies will be willing to pay even more as AI becomes vital to business development.