Downside of AI, affecting society in all aspects

While we are certainly far from producing a Skynet that could wipe us all, there is no doubt that AI would be a double-edged sword. A latest 100 page report written by 26 AI experts have warned us of the potential threat AI imposes on the world.

The development of smarter AI might increase the creation of fake news or information. Currently, developers are creating AIs that could write natural articles and also AIs that could alter video content without viewers noticing the difference. If people with evil intentions were to misuse such technology, they would be able to produce deceiving and harmful content that might have detrimental impact on society.

AI might also change human warfare completely. With the combination of combat AI and advanced robotics, countries could develop killing drones or robots that have absolute accuracy, high mobility and infinite stamina.

The world is joining hands to limit the downside of AI

With such threats in mind, different parties of the world are already taking measures to reduce the downside of AI.

The United Nations is taking the initiative to develop protocols for the restriction of killer robots. Meanwhile, philanthropists like Elon Musk and Sam Altman have invested much to research how to ensure the safe use of AI. Despite of growing concern, there are only around 100 researchers in the West focusing on this topic.

While leaders are working together to formulate practical means to reduce the harmful effects of AI, there are a few issues that the world must discuss and decide on. For example, should tech companies be held responsible for the misuse of their AI products? Should there be guidelines on what is a qualified and safe AI product to be put into the market?

These questions and concerns will take much time to be answered. It is true that we can never uninvent a technology, so let’s hope that the world is working together to contain the downside of AI.