AI: The tech double-edged sword

Technological singularity, is the hypothesis that once advanced artificial intelligence is developed, humanity would be revolutionized in all means imaginable. Some scientists predict that 2029 will be the earliest year for singularity to occur. While we can’t tell if AI would pass the Turing Test in 2029, we can be certain that AI will be a game changer in coming decades.

However, like any other revolutionary invention, AI is a tool that could be used for both good and malicious purposes. Artificial Intelligence Experts have written a 100-page report to warn the world about the harm AI could bring when fallen into the wrong hands.

AI : More fake news?

Currently, AI can already produce seemingly genuine articles and videos. Some developers have created AI that could produce fake news articles by studying different news websites. There are even AI programs that can change the faces of individuals into another or alter the weather in a video. Though they were for academic purposes initially, the report warns that AI will become a tool for generating propaganda. For example, fake images and videos can take advantage of publicly-available information to alter people’s opinions.

AI: Faster hacking, more information lost

The report warns that AI hacking systems could discover and attack loopholes in websites and softwares automatically. It can also target multiple systems simultaneously and efficiently. Since AI is self-learning and ever-evolving, it would be highly difficult for data security specialists to defend their system quicker than AI. We could expect that the future cyber warfares will be conducted by AIs instead of humans.

AI: Advanced Warfare/Terrorism

While it is unlikely for us to see a T-800 in the warzone in the future, AI would change the military arena greatly. AI will be able to pilot advanced drones equipped with lethal weapons or other military vehicles to perform strategic missions. The US has even developed MAARS, an autonomous tiny tank equipped with M240 machine guns and grenade launchers. The birth of real life killer machines will spark many ethical controversies. Meanwhile, if advanced technology falls into the wrong hands, the consequences are unimaginable.