How AI will help with the HR process and what it means for your business

Ever since the success of Alpha Go and various other AI projects, the world is certain that Artificial Intelligence is the next big thing. The tech, finance and government sectors all know that 2018 will be the a huge year for AI. A report by Tractic even predicts that the revenues from AI will be $59.8 billion by 2025.

AI: Minimizing the toil of HR process

One major reason AI is generating huge revenue is its potential to reduce the workload for employees, making their duties easier. AI is fundamentally faster and more efficient than humans as it is a self-learning and automated process.

With the development of language processing AI, AI will help scan and identify the top resumes of applicants. In the past, HR managers often had to go through all the CVs manually. They either spent lengthy hours studying all the details or they screened out certain candidates based on some benchmarks. Both of them are not ideal for a holistic recruitment process. AI, however, will be able to analyze both quantitative and qualitative data and pick up the best match for the hiring manager. It can even adapt to the preference of the HR department and become more accurate as it accumulates more experience. Screening and identifying resumes will no longer be a tedious job for HR managers.

AI: Handling the screening interviews, on its own

Most corporations have a few rounds of interviews. Let’s be honest, it is always the final interview that seals the deal, the preliminary ones are for screening out the odd ones only. Still, companies often spend quite a lot of time on the initial screening process and it could be inefficient and time consuming. AI will be able to handle these screening procedures on its own. With the help of facial recognition programs and AI, machines will be analyze the facial expressions, attitudes and competency of candidates via videos.

AI: Improve Efficiency of Recruitment, doing what we couldn’t

Not only will AI handle tedious tasks in the future, it will also perform complex tasks beyond human capacity. AI will be assessing candidates by understanding their activity on social media and performing personality analysis. By looking through candidates’ social media profile, AI will highlight the candidates’ outlook and even missteps in their lives. It will alert the HR Manager for inconsistency between candidates’ words and personal life. Candidates will have to make sure they truly are the image they are presenting to the employers.

AI in HR, any catch?

While it sounds perfect to have an AI to aid your recruitment process, companies must develop their own algorithms and constantly monitor the performance of the machine. Afterall, HR is a human process.