AI and Machine Learning in Education

The world has witnessed AI in the financial, aviation and medical field. Dubai is bringing AI into the education sector. In the UAE, education institutions like universities and colleges are applying AI and machine learning to predict students’ employability and their possibility of dropping out.

Nexsquare, a start-up founded in 2015 is a pioneer in the field. Cooperating with education authorities and Universities in Dubai, Nexsquare has developed programs to help improve education delivery and management.

AI is helping education institutes predict students’ performance

By analyzing the socio economic backgrounds, academic results and attendance of students, AI could predict the pattern of a student’s performance. It will then calculate the possibility for a student to underperform or to drop out. Teachers and the schools would then be able to take precautions before the situation deteriorates.

The same technique can be applied to recruiting academic staff. By analyzing similar datas, AI could let recruiters know how likely would a candidate perform well and how likely a current teaching staff would leave the institution.

The developer of the AI program stressed that the purpose of these predictions was never to decide a student’s fate. For instance, a school would not terminate a student’s study even if it foresees that he or she will underperform. Instead, it alerts the teaching staff and the school so that they can reach out to the student and work things out together.

Education with AI, not just a fancy gimmick but a practical development

The education authority of Dubai is pushing universities to adopt the tool. They believe that AI is not simply a fancy tool. Instead, educators will have to shoulder the responsibility and incorporate AI technology into their everyday operations. AI will enhance institutes’ evidence-based decision making and help them deliver better education.