Artificial Intelligence for Business Professionals: AI, Machine Learning and Deep Learning

Since the birth of Alpha Go and other successful AI projects, AI has become the hottest topic in both the tech and business arena. Suddenly, everyone is talking about AI. From AI marketing to AI financing, the discussion of AI has been so overwhelming that it is difficult to tell how a company can truly make use of AI for their business advantages.

AI, machine learning and deep learning are probably the most common words you hear from business professionals. The three are the fundamentals of the current AI trend. Without a complete understanding of the terms, implementation of AI will not be successful. This article will walk you through the meaning of these three terms.

Artificial Intelligence

AI is certainly not a brand new concept. It first appeared after WWII during which the academic community was pursuing a machine that could replicate the human mind. The famous Turing Test developed in the 1950 was an example of the world’s expectation of AI’s potential. As time goes by, scholars have found that it is highly difficult for humans to replicate the way our brains function.

Although scientists have yet to develop an AI that can think like humans, there have been other advancements in recent years. For example, AI is developed to read and understand research articles for a busy Professor, doctor or lawyer while providing them with a summary. Instead of copying the human mind, AI acts as a tool to enhance it.

Machine Learning

Similar to AI, machine learning is not a new concept. It refers to the computing skills that allow a program to predict and analyze certain trends. For instance, if a person has a series of data that they can correlate with significant events, they can form a pattern. By teaching machines about such patterns, they can then help predict and alert the user when similar trends appears. Machine learning is a common tool for businesses to analyze market movements and developments.

Deep Learning

Compare to the other two, deep learning is developed much more recently. Some scientists would refer to it as neural network because its concept originates from neurons and synapses within the human brain. A program/machine with deep learning ability no longer conducts linear calculation but multi-dimensional ones. Some examples of its application include programs that can automatically generate handwriting or one that can add sounds to silent movies on its own.

AI + Machine Learning + Deep Learning

In short, the current trend in the tech arena is all about the combination of the three. AI, ML and DL are interrelated. For businesses to truly excel in the AI era, they must develop a customized combination of the three technologies to fit their business needs.