Baidu Jumps on the AI Bandwagon

“Now that AI has become mature enough to have some use in the market, we feel relatively more relaxed,” said Robin Li. 

Baidu Chief Robin Li, said that they won't pass on artificial intelligence after their search engine operator made the mistake of not understanding the importance of mobile internet back in the early 2000s. 

The share price of Baidu, also known as “China Google”, has been rising yet again as investors are noticing that the Beijing based company is investing heavily in artificial intelligence. 

Back in 2002, Li was unprepared for the coming of web access centred on the mobile phone and he doubted the potential and possibility of the success of mobile phones due to small screens, slow speed and the leading edge payment method. In 2011, Li started to panic as main rivals Alibaba Group and Tencent Holdings had already positioned themselves in the mobile internet era, while they were not. 

Nonetheless, Baidu sets its eyes on being a leader in artificial intelligence by 2030. The goal for Baidu is to build an open-source platform for autonomous driving to compete with those being developed in traditional monitoring powerhouse like the US, Japan and German. 

Baidu's Vice Chairman and Chief Operating officer, Lu Qi, claimed that with government backing and China's giant population, they are well positioned to catch up with the US in the field of artificial intelligence. Baidu made several major changes, such as increasing its efforts in autonomous driving and its conversational computer platform DuerOS.