10 ways AI will revolutionize mobile practices

According to a Gartner report, the inclusion of artificial intelligence (AI) features will set apart smartphone companies from their competitors, and in turn bring in new buyers as well as preserve customer loyalty.

  1. "Digital Me" Implementation: Smartphone devices will be their owners’ digital arm, and will be capable of recognizing and predicting their decisions. They will understand their users’ personality, needs, and command tasks on their behalf.

  2. Authenticating Users: The traditional use of password authentication is slowly being phased out due to poor security and user experience. New security measures in conjunction with machine learning, user behavior an biometrics will enable enhanced technological features.

  3. Emotion Detection: Emotion sensing software and emotion AI can help smartphones capture, analyze, understand and react to their users’ moods.

  4. Speech Understanding: By training smartphones through deep learning, the accuracy of speech recognition will be increased to better meet users’ needs.

  5. Augmented Reality (AR): Apple announced the ARKit feature in iOS 11, which allows developers to streamline AR into their apps.

  6. Device Management:  Machine learning is set to help enhance performance and standby time.

  7. Custom Profiles: Smartphones are able to collect and store data for unique profiling. Users can summon help and protection in an interactive away according to specific actions being carried out and their location.

  8. Content Censorship: Inappropriate and dangerous content will be blocked and alerted.

  9. Personal Photographing: According to each user’s aesthetic preferences, smartphone cameras will produce photos that align with their owners’ tastes.

  10. Audio Response: Smartphone microphones will continuously receive sounds and noises from its external environment. AI technology will be able to recognize and differentiate between sounds, and instruct users to respond accordingly.

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