Ford and Cisco Turn to Tara AI For Freelance Programmers

As hiring full-time programmers continues to be a long and arduous process for business, there is now a growing demand for freelancers and consultants. According to Forrester, dedicating funding to outsourced software can help accelerate business activity by 6 percent in 2018.

In order to source top contractors, multinational firms such as Cisco, Ford and Orange telecom are now turning to Tara Intelligence, a San Jose start-up, for help.

Tara AI pairs freelance programmers with projects according to their skill sets and work experience. Tara AI does this through a "scraping engine" which surfs the web to find individuals who have worked on coding that aligns with the specifications of the new business projects.

Tara AI CEO and co-founder Iba Masood said, "Developers give us access to their Github. We see projects similar in nature to what you are trying to build. And then we connect you to the right and available talent."

Tara AI's software also allows businesses to monitor and manage projects with their freelancers, including but not limited to factors such as time management, work quality and remuneration.

Tara AI’s developers are all paid flat rates according to the difficulty of the project assigned regardless of their age, gender, years of experience and education level.

"Some people are better at negotiating," Masood explained. "But we think developers should be paid based on their actual abilities and the work they deliver."

Among Tara AI’s competitors are large tech consultancies such as Tata and Insight Global, as well as freelance marketplaces such as Upwork, Codementor and Gigster.

Tara AI raised a total of $3 million to develop its platform to match business and developers, particularly in data analytics, machine learning and mobile. Y Combinator, Moment Ventures, GSV, Lattice VC and Skype co-founder Jaan Tallinn and many more are clients of Tara AI.

The new funding will help Tara AI expand into a team of 30 or more in 2019 and to open a new office in New York. The company is currently developing a set of bug prevention algorithms to better help freelancers finalize their codes.

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