DreamQuark Expands Its Financial Services Division Through Artificial Intelligence

Meet DreamQuark, a French startup that wants to help banks, insurance companies and asset management firms with everything they’ve got in artificial intelligence. DreamQuark crunches your information, makes models utilizing machine learning and allows you to apply those models on all past and future data points.

DreamQuark has been taking a shot at an item called Brain so financial organizations can generate smarter decisions. There are many cases for AI-controlled calculations in the finance sector.It's an incredible approach to manage risk, from fraud identification to anti-money laundering and credit scoring. It can likewise enable you to deal with a portfolio by distinguishing early indications of market volatility. What's more, DreamQuark can portion your client base and identify patterns. Doing this, you can highlight financial products and enhance retention.

With regards to rivalry, I thought banks themselves would be a genuine danger as they have a huge amount of cash. In any case, it sounds like they effectively attempted and neglected to assemble groups of data scientists to take a shot at those issues. "They compare the amount it costs to build internal projects and how effective they are," co-founder and CEO Nicolas Meric told me. "We give benefits that you won't discover in any open source system."