A Company That Strives To Bring AI To Everyone

            Artificial intelligence is truly changing the way the world works. From medicine to air travel to the auto industry, artificial intelligence is playing a major role. To this point though, AI has been controlled by the people of Silicon Valley and those who obtain a degree from Ivy League universities. While these people have remained at the creation center, soon it will become an technological advancement used by anyone and everyone.

            Datmo is one example of a company spreading the use of artificial intelligence. Datmo is a startup co-founded by Anand Sampat and Shabaz Patel with the aim of helping developers and businesses take advantage of artificial intelligence and machine intelligence to solve problems. The artificial intelligence software allows users to locate, re-purpose, and integrate at an alarming rate on trained AI models. CEO Anand Sampat and his team are hopeful that they will bring artificial intelligence to people across the world in a manner that anyone can comprehend.

            Shabaz and Sampat met as graduate students at Stanford University. The two were teaching assistants for the same class, Machine Learning Course CS 229 with Andrew Ng. Shabaz was was working in the computer vision lab while Sampat was the head of the Stanford Data Science Club. They both agreed on the idea that there are many huge discoveries occurring in Fortune 500 companies such as Google and Facebook, yet there are such small numbers with the access and ability to utilize the knowledge, technology and other resources present at these companies. Shabaz and Sampat both dreamed of expanding these resources to other developers and businesses so that they, too can benefit and compete.

            While in graduate school, the two built countless machine learning models with different abilities from NLP to computer vision to numerical modeling. While developing, they came across a number of difficulties developers experience and found that there are basic problems preventing these people to move forward and succeed.

            Datmo aims to bring the artificial intelligence from these ivy league labs to the rest of the world. The company allows anyone to create models produce and create feedback loops in a smooth process.


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